‘Boat trip and demonstration auction’

Daily during opening hours

Is the Museum BroekerVeiling open? During opening hours of the museum we always sail and hold demonstration auctions regularly. The time schedule for the boat trips and auctions is made on the morning of each day and takes into account any group reservations we have, and how many visitors we are estimating for that given day. 

Demonstration auction: Take place in the auction hall built in 1912 in the same benches the traders used to sit. During the demonstration auction you will hear more on how it came into being. Afterwards you will be able to bid for yourself! If you press the burron too early, you will pay too much, but if you wait too long, another might be faster and you could end up with nothing at all. 

Boat trip:
Come on board of our covered and (in winter) heated boat and sail through what is left of the Realm of a Thousand Islands. Our captain will tell you more of the history of the area and how it was created. 

Please note! Both the boat trip and the demonstration auction (and the museum itself) take about an hour and the museum closes at 17.00. 

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