Don't press too fast, bidding is buying!

Don't press too fast, bidding is buying!

Vegetable Auction

Museum BroekerVeiling is the oldest vegetable auction in the world, and is still in use for the visitors of the museum. This means that daily auctions  - within the opening hours of the museum - with real seasonal vegetables are still being held. You can bid as well. Our museum is a hands-on experience!

Day Trip to the Auction
Seat yourself on our auction benches, see the prams with potatoes, cauliflower and green beans sail go by on the water and bid on them. Watch out or you’ll end up with 65 kg of potatoes! Do not bid too soon or you will pay too much, but do not wait too long either or someone else will win. Find out if your timing is perfect.

Auction in the North of Holland
Museum BroekerVeiling is a museum in a beautiful historic setting. An auction house on water in the late Jugendstil style, decorated with beautiful details. Even the original auction clock from 1903 is still there. 'A building that cannot be compared with anything else, unique to the Netherlands and far beyond,' says the curator. But according to someone who used to work there 'Just a wooden loft, in which money would be earned.' From 1912 to 1973 the BroekerVeiling, together with a number of other auctions, formed the heart of the horticulture culture in North Holland".

Auction times
Several auctions take place during the opening hours of the museum. You do not have to book in advanced to participate. When entering the museum you will be given a map of the museum terrain on which the time for your auction (and boat trip) is written. Come to the auction building at your appointed time, take a seat in the auction benches and bid!